Coaching the RIGHT way in Health & Safety

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Data 27/07/2017
Luogo Milano - Via Gustavo Fara, 35
Codice Edizione T5792-2017
Ente erogatore AIAS ACADEMY
Prezzo di Listino (€) 160,00 IVA esclusa
Sconto soci AIAS SI
Prezzo per i soci AIAS (€) 128,00 IVA esclusa  (E' necessario essere in regola con il pagamento della quota annuale AIAS)
Tutor Giorgio Nicli

Destinatari Health & Safety Managers, Professionals and People Managers
Durata del corso One day (4 hours) - July 27, 2017
Analisi fabbisogno formativo

“Coaching the RIGHT way in Health & Safety” is a training initiative which intends to calibrate the coaching knowledge and skills of Managers to enable them to carry out more impactful coaching sessions with the employees they manage.

In the long-term, this initiative can:

• Upgrade Manager skills and competence

• Foster positive workplace relationships

• Help curb workforce attrition • Keep performance results within the ideal range

Verifica finale dell'apprendimento Delivery of role-play during the training session and a final test.
Obiettivi didattici

By the end of this training, attendees will be able to:

• Define performance gap, motivation and Root Cause Analysis

• Use the Skill/Will Matrix to determine the capability and motivation levels of team members for a given task

• Find the root cause of a problem using the 5 WHYs technique, the SWOT analysis or the Fishbone Diagram technique

• Identify the coachable behaviors behind a team member’s results  

Contenuti del corso

• Teambuilding, motivation and trust

• Coaching the RIGHT way

• Recognize performance gaps

• Identify motivational needs

• Get to the bottom

• Have a plan ready

• Talk like a coach • Practice scenario

Documentazione Spread of e-documents about training contents.
Attestati AIAS Academy will give name certicates after full attendance of the training course (absences are allowed only for 10% of total training hours) and after successfull pass of final test.
Metodologie didattiche “Coaching the RIGHT way in Health & Safety” is a training initiative, based on group work, class discussion, role-plays and practical scenarios.
Area di appartenenza International
Tipologia EQF
Prevede prove pratiche NO
Prevede test finale SI
Docente del corso Giorgio Nicli

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